gHealthcare, founded in 2001, provides a brand-new approach to healthcare communication. About 30 creative, excited, dynamic, smart, sincere, hard-working, brilliant people with a lot of common sense work in this good-looking office in a beautiful neighborhood of Istanbul.

Every single brief is handled as the very first brief of the agency, brain storming has never lost its severity and the fire of creativity is continuously glowing!

In our client portfolio; together with the global and local pharmaceutical brands, we provide healthcare services for our FMCG brands.

In 2008, the best communicative creativity in healthcare has been awarded for the first time in Turkey. As of that time, the successfull campaigns of gHealthcare has been awarded numerously every year.

We expanded our boundaries by becoming a part of Indigenus in 2009. Now we can think globally with our partners abroad but still act locally for our brands here in Turkey.